Saturday, November 17, 2007

Internet helps 'Sex Toys for Troy King' reach nation

Mobile Press-Register

Loretta Nall organized effort in oppostion to rewording Alabama's anti-obscenity laws

Saturday, November 17, 2007
Capital Bureau

MONTGOMERY -- The pig has landed.

An inflatable pig sent to Attorney General Troy King's office in protest of potential changes to state anti-obscenity laws appears to have arrived Thursday, according to blogger and former Libertarian candidate for governor Loretta Nall.

Nall, who called for a "Sex Toys for Troy King" drive, said she received a receipt of delivery from the California company that manufactured the pig.

Chris Bence, a spokesman for King, declined comment Friday.

Earlier this month, a Jefferson County judge declined to close a store selling sex toys in Hoover, ruling that language in the statute was too vague to justify the action. The Attorney General's Office suggested earlier this week that the Legislature would be the best place to address the language in the law, first passed in 1998.

Nall organized the drive in opposition to prosecutions under the law and changes to it, saying prosecuting people for the sale of sex toys is an invasion of privacy and a waste of time.

"If somebody in the Legislature in 2008 makes this an issue, aside from the attorney general, I'll be doing the same thing to them," she said Friday. "Everybody's angry at the Legislature right now because of the shutdown (in the 2007 session). If they come back in 2008 and pass an anti-obscenity law, people might just run them out on a rail."

Nall said she knows of "three or four" people from Birmingham who have mailed sexual devices to the Attorney General's Office. State and national Internet blogs have also picked up on the drive.

Bence said earlier this week that King would only make the anti-obscenity legislation a part of his 2008 legislative package if law enforcement officers request that he do so.

"I don't see the police chiefs of Alabama getting around a table and saying sex toys are a threat to our safety in Alabama," Nall said.

That is absolutely hysterical!! "The Pig Has Landed" I can't believe they printed that. Of course I can't believe they ran that masterpiece of a cartoon the other day but they I just gotta say God Bless the Mobile Press....uh oh I'm starting to sound like Jesse Jackson.

Does anyone else find it odd that Troy King has been strangely absent from the media this week? I mean, that guy is a much bigger media whore than I am and yet this week when the whole world is focused on his office he is no where to be seen. Heh!

Got a comment from the sex toy company that produced the pig.

" Loretta, Thanks for the link to the site, much appreciated! Hope your crusade works! We are here to support your campaign. As you all ready posted, looks like your order was delivered on time! Thanks Much Again! For All Your Adult Needs"

You're more than welcome IYSextoys. Thank you for having an inflatable pig and for sending it on time. Hope this gives business a boost.


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious, Lorette.

The Alabama Legislators should just sit on their dildoes and get busy running the state.

The reason your Attorney General is absent from the spotlight is because he is too busy porking his pig! lol

Thanks for the laugh!

Peace, Love, Respect,

Unknown said...

Wes is probably right -- Troy is too busy with his new "friend" (the inflatable pig!) to make any public pronouncements or appearances right now, ha ha ha!

This is a genius idea you had, Loretta. Chalk one up for the Good Guys and Gals!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, I think Troy really love the piggy gift.

Anonymous said...

Troy king would really amazed of the piggy

Anonymous said...

Its a great post..well done..i really like it..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such an interesting post!

Sex Toys Rep - said...

I can't beleive the state of Alabama politics has dropped to such a low place. In this day and age don't they have bigger pigs to poke. Congratulations to Loretta Nall for coming up with such a great response. Perhaps Troy King will become a happy well-adjusted guy with all the new playthings. If not, at least the staffers will get some laughs from it. Spreading a few smiles is always worth the effort. Peace.