Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Troy King Advocates BREAKING the Law!

I just got a call from my colleagues, who are spending this week registering people currently in jail who have been convicted of minor drug possession, to vote in the upcoming election. They told me that my good friend Attorney General Troy King has taken to the airwaves to condemn this historic effort calling it one of the worst things he has ever seen.

Really, Troy? One of the WORST things you have ever seen? Really? Seems to me that you, TROY KING, interpreted the law (quite properly for once I might add) to allow this back in May 2005. And I quote, "The parole board received a March 18 advisory opinion from Attorney General Troy King, who said only those felonies involving "moral turpitude" -- meaning the crimes are inherently immoral -- disqualify a convict from voting.

Since the 'crime' of possession of drugs for personal use is NOT a crime of moral turpitude that means those currently in jail or prison for that 'crime' are UNDER THE LETTER OF THE LAW allowed to register and to vote. We are following the law and we are operating under the letter of state law. Suck it up Troy!

I submit that the reason Troy King is so scared of actually following the letter of the law in this case is because he thinks that we (me and my colleagues) are really just registering a bunch of 'crack smokin' Negroes who will vote for Obama'. Since Troy is the Chair of the McCain campaign in Alabama (gay rumors and all) he is afraid that Alabama might go blue if these people are registered and exercise their RIGHT TO VOTE. But look at the following picture and tell me how many African-Americans you see.

I see one. But Troy KNOWS and apparently has no problem with the fact that we lock up African-Americans for drugs at a rate that far outpaces white people for drugs even though drug use is equal among both races. Black people are incarcerated for drug crimes at higher rates than whites. Blacks make up only 26% of Alabama’s population, but are nearly 60% of the prison population. And for every white person in an Alabama jail, there are about 4 Black people. The drug war has replaced the poll tax in Alabama. But, that's just fine with Troy because he doesn't want black people to vote because they will most likely be voting for the Democratic candidate (not sure why as Democrats and Republicans are both equally responsible for the abhorrent drug laws). Yes sir Troy King loves him some poll tax! All he needs is a pointy white hood!

Let's look at who else might be denied their right to vote if the law was applied equally between the races.

Senator Richard Shelby's (REPUBLICAN) son Claude Shelby would not be allowed to vote. Claude Shelby was caught bringing 13.8 grams of HASH from Heathrow Airport in London to the Atlanta airport in 1998. Now, if it had been me or a black person we would have been charged with INTERNATIONAL DRUG SMUGGLING, thrown in a government cage for YEARS AND YEARS and denied our right to vote. Think that happened to a Republican's son? NOT! Claude Shelby's hash was seized by customs, he was fined $500 and sent on his merry way with the love and support of his father who is an ardent drug warrior.

Congressman Spencer Bachus's (REPUBLICAN) son was arrested for possession of marijuana and got treatment instead of incarceration and never lost his right to vote.

Senator Vivian Davis Figures (D - Alabama) son Michael was arrested for drugs and currently resides in prison in Alabama without his right to vote. Senator Figures is black. And a Democrat to boot.

So, the white kids of Alabama Republican's get out of jail and prison time and keep their right to vote but the black kid of an Alabama Democrat currently resides in prison for drugs and has lost his right to vote. See a pattern here?

Here is a page that lists all the drug offenses and the punishments of the kids of politicians.

Troy, are you advocating that the law be broken and that registration of inmates who are eligible to vote UNDER STATE LAW be stopped? Isn't it YOUR JOB to UPHOLD and ENFORCE state law? Remember, you have to uphold and enforce the laws YOU HAVE...not the laws YOU WISH YOU HAD.


Anonymous said...

Let me compliment you on a thorough job in updating this story. Local Alabama tv news held their noses reporting on this which they probably got from AP copy. Most news managers around these parts are neocon or "religious" Republicans and HATE reporting anything on people in prison. Prison is a "product" for taxpayer consumption, and inmates should be unseen and unheard.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about Figures' son. That's just sickening and typical. "Just us" justice for Republicans.

Schnitzel_Republic said...

What I find that they actually intend to count on the census these guys in prison, yet they have no votes they can attend for representation, they count.

I suspect if we went back to'd find that the general rule was that a guy in jail couldn't vote, so he was denied that process. Once released from jail, and election time came was ok to vote. I don't see any reason why we couldn't go back to this idea of society...and stop playing the various "gotta vote-can't vote" games.

Anonymous said...


What is the status of my good friend Troy's gay rumor?

No divorce papers yet? Or will it all happen after McCain loses the election?