Friday, June 24, 2011

Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced in US House

Yesterday Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas...Go Ron Paul Go!!) and Barney Frank (D-Mass) introduced a bill in the House Judiciary Committee that would remove marijuana from the schedule of controlled substances and leave it up to the states to regulate.

Marijuana bill introduced in US House

HB 2306 is not yet available on THOMAS the congressional website similar to our ALISON.

Already the chair of the House Judiciary Cmte., Rep. Lamar Smith is rattling his drug war saber, saying that he will not put the bill on the calendar. Sound familiar? He also said a bunch of other backwards thinking nonsense in his dismissal of this much needed legislation.

I need you to do two things.

1) Contact Rep. Lamar Smith's Office in Washington and demand that he give this bill a fair hearing. Here is his contact information. Go to link below to email him and please also give him a call. Pass this along to everyone you know.

Rep. Lamar Smith
Washington D.C. Office
2409 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

2) Go HERE to send a letter to Rep. Lamar Smith and your own US Rep. asking them to support this bill. Pass this along to everyone you know.

We are fast approaching the majority in this country. They cannot deny the will of the people forever. Make sure your voice is heard.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Books you HAVE to read

If you like to read and especially enjoy Southern Humor then by all means check out the following books by John Pritchard..."Junior Ray" and "Yazoo Blues". My friend Marc Emery sent these to me after he finished them at the federal prison in Yazoo City and I have laughed so hard I've come close to having an accident. For your convenience you can purchase them from Amazon by clicking the links below.

Reading these books has inspired me to collect all the funny essays I wrote during and after my campaign for Governor and self publish them. Who knows...I might make the NYT best sellers list.


The miracle of all miracles happened yesterday when we found our beloved Scout!

Bell and I had gone to the store and on the way there she talked about how she had not been sleeping well since Scout went missing because of nightmares that whoever had her was fighting her or abusing her in some other way. I had asked her a couple times if she would like to get another dog but she declined saying that would be like replacing one of her parents should anything every happen to us.

On the way back from the store we decided to go down an out of the way road where we hadn't looked before. We found nothing. Then as we pulled into our driveway my neighbor from about a quarter mile up the road pulled in behind us and I asked him if he had seen our puppy. He said, "The brindle pit bull with a black collar?" and we showed him the flyer and he said, "Yep that's her....she's been at the house for over a week."

What's strange is that I had stopped by his place three times but was too afraid to get out because he owns about 4 large pits and his truck was never there. I never saw Scout out in the yard with the rest of them so I didn't figure she was there.

We jumped back in the truck and went straight over there and as soon as Bell opened her door Scout leaped in and started loving her to death. Scout was a little worse for the wear. Much skinnier and flea and tick infested because her flea and tick pill had worn off while she was gone....but she was otherwise ok. Neighbor said he had wormed them all last week.

We brought her home and the first thing she did was bound in the house and steal Saul's rawhide bone and hop on the couch. She is such a turd. Bell and I gave her a long bath to rid her of bugs, fed her lots, loved on her for a long time and the first thing she did when she went back out was steal some goose eggs, which seem to be her favorite food.

Saul was so happy she was home I swear he smiled. I took him out to play with her in the fence and they had a ball....although she is a tad more snappy than she was before she left. I guess having to fend off three or four other large pit bulls for two weeks brought out the worst in her. But, I'm sure she will settle down in time and once again become the sweet baby we know and love.

Bell went to bed early last night and slept well. In fact, she is still sleeping.

I can't figure out why she just didn't come home. The neighbor's where she was hiding out is like a quarter mile from here and surely she knew the way. But, who knows the minds of dogs? We are just ecstatic that she has returned unharmed. We will be reinforcing the fence so that miss Houdini stays in her own yard from now on.

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