Saturday, October 15, 2005

Illiterate Media in Alabama? Nah...I don't believe it

I came across the following in the Clanton Advertiser this morning and thought I would share it, as well as my response, with you.

I don't expect all Alabama media to be supportive. I only request to those that are unsupportive to at least have their facts straight. My campaign for Governor is as much about marijuana as the Boston Tea Party was about tea.

Clanton Advertiser

Say informed in election bids , pick up a Clanton Advertiser

Loretta Nall, a 31-year-old mother of two, is running for governor of Alabama when she's not busy with her other duties: writing for Cannabis Culture magazine and serving as president of the U.S. Marijuana Party.

Now she's seeking the Libertarian Party's nomination for governor because the party already has a structure in Alabama and because they agree on a major issue: They want marijuana legalized.

When election time rolls around, you get people like Nall - those with very little political savvy - who throw their hats into the ring hoping to go down in the history books with at least a few votes.

Election time is an even more important reason for you - the readers of The Clanton Advertiser - to continue to pick up your papers each day and stay informed of what's going on in our county.

Things can get hectic and a little crazy during an election and good, reliable information is your best bet to electing a qualified and responsible official. If you're not informed, you'll never know what you're getting into


Dear Editor,

In response to ("Say informed in election bids, pick up a Clanton Advertiser" Fri. Oct 14,2005)

The first word in your headline should have been "Stay" not "Say". How can people trust you to tell the truth if you can't spell a simple four-letter word? Goodness, even a politically "un-savvy" stoner like me can spell it.

Secondly, if you only inform your readers of one plank in my platform for Governor then how can you say you are keeping people "informed" while managing to keep a straight face?

You make it seem like the idea to regulate and control marijuana in the state of Alabama so as to keep it out of the hands of kids and solve the prison crisis is unheard of. I guess you haven't been paying attention to the "Special Task Force on Prison Overcrowding" and their recommendations. I suppose the Judge on that panel is politically un-savvy as well, no?

The Libertarian Party and I agree on almost all issues. It is the biased media that picks up on one issue and tries to mislead voters. If you had bothered to look at my platform you would see that it is actually more conservative than either of the Republican's in the race have yet to offer.

If I were a regular reader of The Clanton Advertiser I would be upset that you think your readers so dumb that they don't know how to check out the facts for themselves. But, I tend to stay away from newspapers that instruct their readers to spy on their neighbors in the grocery store and report them if they buy too many boxes of matches. That's a little too anti-American and anti-Alabama for me. In fact, it is reminiscent of Hitler's Nazi Germany or George Orwell's 1984.

In the future, if you must use my good name to move your puppy-training paper at least get the facts straight. Biased media is not credible media.

Respectfully Submitted,

In Liberty,
Loretta Nall

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