Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Call NOW To Preserve Patriot Act Reform

Dear Friends,

The President’s illegal spying on innocent Americans has given many people a whole new perspective on the Patriot Act.

Today, Americans all across the country concerned about the Bush Administration’s flagrant abuse of power are speaking with one voice and calling their Members of Congress with a clear message: the Patriot Act reauthorization bill must include safeguards to protect our freedoms.

We are at a critical time in the Patriot Act debate. A temporary Patriot Act extension is scheduled to expire on February 3rd. The Bush administration has presented Americans with two all or nothing choices: keep a conference report that contains no common sense reforms to protect civil liberties, or let the Patriot Act expire. This is a false choice.

Congress can and must pass a Patriot Act reauthorization bill that contains real reforms to protect our civil liberties. Help us flood Congress with calls right now.

Call your senators and representative now! Tell them to oppose any Patriot Act reauthorization bill that does not include real reforms.

Last month, thanks in no small part to your extraordinary efforts, a bipartisan group of senators stopped the deeply flawed Patriot Act reauthorization bill dead in its tracks. This forced Congress to approve a temporary five-week extension of the Patriot Act, which expires on February 3rd.

We can’t let this crucial debate be overshadowed by other business as the temporary extension rapidly approaches. Tell your senators to stand up and resist this deeply flawed reauthorization bill, and push for real reforms. Tell your representative it is vital that the House support the original Senate conference report.

Members of Congress need to be reminded of what we stand to lose if they pass the current Patriot Act reauthorization bill.

Call your members right now and tell them to stay strong and oppose Patriot Act reauthorization that does not include real civil liberties protections or read more.

You can also call the congressional switchboard at


Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director
American Civil Liberties Union

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