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Nall Backs Siegelman's Call for All Candidates to Debate, Seeks Inclusion


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Announced Gubernatorial Candidate Loretta Nall Backs Siegelman's Call for All Candidates to Debate, Seeks Inclusion

Alexander City -- January 06, 2005-- Announced gubernatorial candidate, Loretta Nall, who is seeking the Libertarian Party nomination in the 2006 election, said today that she agrees with former Governor Don Siegelman's call for an all candidates' debate and is seeking inclusion in any and all future debates.

On Thursday, at a news conference outside his Montgomery office, Siegelman said debates between all announced candidates would help voters understand the differences between the candidates and "hold us all equally accountable on a fair and level playing field."

Nall said that although she is aware Siegelman called for only the "major" candidates to participate, if he truly believes Alabama voters should hear all sides then he shouldn't have any problem extending his invitation to her.

Nall said, "I look forward to the opportunity to debate any and all candidates for governor in the upcoming election and I hope that Mr. Siegelman is sincere in wishing for the voters to hear all candidates and all sides and not just those of Democrats and Republicans."

"Many Alabamians feel unrepresented no matter whom they vote for in the two-faced, one-party, system in place in Alabama. It is time to level the playing field and let all Alabamians with the courage to seek elected office have equal time before the voters of this state to discuss their platforms and ideas. Anyone who truly believes in Democracy and in the ability of Alabamians to make their own choices when electing their governing body would never seek to limit the number of choices available to Alabama voters," said Nall.

"Iraq had 75 political parties and 111 candidates in their most recent elections. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when you have Alabama soldiers dying for the sake of spreading "democracy" in Iraq when apparently Iraqi's already have a better understanding of what democracy is than Alabama politicians do."

With some of the harshest ballot access requirements in the country, Alabama Republicans and Democrats alike are using ballot access to effectively bar third party and independent candidates from participating in elections. In order to obtain statewide ballot access and be included in the post-primary debates for 2006, Nall and the Libertarian Party must collect over 41,000 registered voter signatures.

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