Friday, February 03, 2006

Stop Snitching!

Three High school Teens Face Drug Charges

Police charged an 18-year-old and a 16-year-old Wednesday, and another student on Monday. All three face the possibility of expulsion.

Administrators say in all three cases, other students called in tips that led to the arrests and there may be more. School spokesman, Tom Salter says, "We've used the drug dogs in the past and we' are going to be using them in the future, soon and often. So it's very important for students to understand that if you're stupid enough to bring drugs to school, you are going to go to jail and you are going to be expelled."

In each case the tips came from the Scholastic Crimestoppers program, which is similar to the community based program and like its parent program. Scholastic Crimestoppers rewards youngsters who report wrongdoing. Students in Montgomery schools can get up to three-hundred -dollars when their tip pans out. If you'd like to know how to bring it to your school, call Crimestoppers at 215- STOP.

Thanks to programs like D.A.R.E. and the drug war in general we have turned into a SNITCH NATION!

Here's three kids, unlucky enough to get caught with something that 85% of high-school kids try. I's like the rites of passage in a way.

Yet, they are facing expulsion and criminal charges.

How exactly is expulsion going to solve this problem?
Making it hard to get an education makes it much more likely that these kids will continue to sell drugs.
Isn't that the opposite of what we want?

And criminal charges.

What good will that do?
Prison, be it an adult or juvenile facility, will destroy the lives of three kids....something that pot alone could never do.

It's time to change the drug laws that do so much more damage to our society than the drugs they were created to protect us from ever will.


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