Thursday, March 02, 2006

Nall to Address Alabama African American Mayors Association

I just received the following in my email and I have accepted.

Please accept this e-mail as an invitation to speak to a group of African American mayors from across the state of Alabama on tomorrow, March 3,2006 at 12 Noon in Selma, Alabama.
We apologize for the lateness of this correspondence,however, we just learned that you were running for governor.

Former Governor Don Siegeleman, Lt. Governor Lucy Baxley, Mr. Nathan Mathis and
Attorney Harry Lyon will be in attendance.

This weekend is the annual "March Across Edmund Pettus Bridge" re-enactment
in Selma and civil rights leaders from across Alabama and the nation
will be in attendance.

All of the Democratic hopefuls will be in attendance as well.
We will each have 10-15 minutes to speak.

This event will take place on Friday March 3 beginning at 12 noon at
the Selma Convention Center located at 211 Washingtoin St. in downtown
Selma. The event is open to the public.

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