Thursday, March 23, 2006

Transcript of Loretta's Trial in 2004


I go back to court this morning. For those of you who have not read the transcript of my trial I strongly recommend it.

In my opinion this transcript shows that the School Resource Officer was clearly lying. The scenario he describes is not only implausible, it is also physically impossible. I was jailed for expressing a political opinion on the editorial page of the Birmingham News. The police lied in court in an attempt to cover up their misdeed.

I almost feel sorry for the SRO. It really seemed like he got punked out pretty bad by his comrades. As if it wasn't humiliating enough being assigned kindergarten cop duty, then he had to go to court and take full responsibility for a scheme that I seriously doubt he cooked up by himself. He was quickly reassigned to another county.

This transcript is the result of our having hired a court reporter and obtained the services of a good lawyer. These are two things that you normally don't have in this court.

I don't expect anything to happen today in court. When I last spoke with my attorney on Friday he had not even received his notice to appear in court today. This is spring break and he is out of town with his family.

That has been a reoccuring problem with the Tallapoosa County court system. Our side has asked that we be notified a month in advance because my attorney is from out of town and he is also one of the premiere capital punishment defense attorneys in the state. This being Alabama you can damn well guess that his plate stays pretty full.
However, for the last oh say 22 months, we have never gotten more than a weeks notice despite our repeated requests for an advance date.

So, if the past is any indication I will have to sit in court all day long only to be told my case has been continued. If nothing else perhaps they will provide me enough material for part two of My Day In Court.

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