Monday, April 10, 2006

Court Update: 6 Months Continuance

My case was continued again today for another 6 months....but not before I had to spend a few hours in the hot sun after all of the defendants were kicked out of the courtroom while the jury was picked.

The former prosecutor turned defense attorney in my case called me into a back room and told me that the judge had originally denied the motion to continue filed by my attorney but for some undisclosed reason he decided to reconsider and grant the motion.
I told him I would dearly love to see the court try to conduct my trial without my attorney present. That would be priceless. I also informed him that neither I nor my attorney received a summons in the mail to appear today.
He said "I'm not surprised."

Court will not come back up again until sometime in October a mere month before the election.

The local paper just interviewed me about receiving the nomination and it will run tomorrow.

Anyway, I am off to write my remarks for the news conference for tomorrow.
How many of you have plans to be there?


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