Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lunch With Friends

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting BlueGal, BitterOldPunk and Stephen Gordon who is my sometimes political adviser and blogger over at HammerOfTruth for lunch in Birmingham.

They have all three beat me to posting a blog entry about our meeting.
I had a great time. Over the last four years of political activism I have met many people in person who I originally was introduced to online. Some of my most important and solid relationships have come from those experiences and I expect the addition of BlueGal and BitterOldPunk to that list of people will be no different.

Both BlueGal and BOP are a scream to be around. Great sense of humors, a tight grip on political reality, the desire to cause serious trouble for those jack-booted thugs in power. I am so happy to know there are at least two others in Alabama who are as dedicated to trouble-making as I am.

Thanks again you two for a fun filled afternoon. We'll do it again soon!!

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