Thursday, May 18, 2006

Riley on Eminent Domain "“You know the road is coming, get out of the way."


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May 18, 2006-- Dadeville, AL - Gov. Riley will celebrate
opening the last section of US280, completing four
lanes from Birmingham to the GA line.

I doubt he’ll make any comment about those made
homeless and otherwise damaged by misuse of eminent
domain by the State of Alabama. While cases of this
sort of abuse by the State Lands Division against
mostly black and poor white citizens of our state were
more publicized – similar abuse by ALDOT is lesser
known because of the efforts of Bob Riley and friends.

Instances of this abuse took place on US280 in
Congressman Riley’s district, yet he did nothing to
defend civil rights of property owners impacted by
this federal highway project. Specifically, owners
were kicked out of their homes before they were paid
(still holding legal title to their property) so that
others could live in their house while owners were
homeless. At least one case is still ongoing in the
courts almost a decade later – no surprise given
ALDOT’s history of such great disregard for civil

When asked to stop this abuse, then Congressman
Riley’s responded by saying, “You know the road is
coming – get out of the way.” Mr. Riley may be
wealthy enough to let others live his home without
compensation waiting to finally be paid – but most
Alabamians are not.

This is an issue the Libertarians have always held
dear – the terrible treatment of our citizens must
stop. Of course, Messrs. Riley, Siegleman, et al like
to conspire with contractors they get campaign
contributions from to force people out of their homes
(before they are paid) to rub it in owners’ faces and
financially beat them into submission. It leaves more
money to abscond with in their manipulated bidding
process while claiming to save the taxpayers money.

The 5th Amendment states the private property cannot
be taken for private use and can not be taken for
public use w/o just compensation. Making people
homeless before they are compensated is wrong. Taking
private property (owners still have legal title to)
for housing highway workers without consent of the
owner is wrong.

It is time for a change, Vote Nall Y’all – it is just
common sense.

For more information please contact the Nall for Governor Campaign at 256-625-9599 or 256-874-2985.



1 comment:

The Middle-Wing Wacko said...

At first it sounded like you were arguing against the use of eminent domain to build the road at all. While I agree eminent domain should be exercised only within very strict limits of necessary public use, etc., I think road-building is a legitimate reason to take someone's home.

You most certainly have a point about compensation, however. If the government really needs someone's home and land that badly, then every effort should be made to minimize the negative impact that sacrifice will have on their lives.

I think there's a parallel to those who are drafted to the military in time of war. At that point, the government needs people to defend the nation. So they exercise a sort of eminent domain over them - overriding their right to their bodies due to an overriding pressing need of the many. But when they do that they become responsible for those people. They have to give them medical care, food, shelter, and see to their general welfare in every way possible.

The same principle applies to land. If the government needs someone's house that bad, then they can put them up in a hotel or apartment, help them find comparable housing, and the compensation should be whatever it takes to get them into a situation that is just as nice as where they were before (even if that would be more money than the land is worth).