Thursday, May 11, 2006

Why Won't Baptists' Engage in Discussion?

Came across a post about my candidacy on Baptist Boards . Since one of the "Christian" members of that board saw fit to try and belittle me for being honest about smoking pot and because I live in a mobile home.

I decided to do something which I rarely do, and that was register a name and try to clear up the lies being told about me and also to try and engage the members (since some were supportive of my campaign and platform) in a discussion about the Drug War and the Christian perspective on how to approach drug policy reform.

Here is the THREAD

I posted one response and the first reply to my response was some woman who has been eating way too many twinkies, taking issue with the fact that I posted my website in my post. It's a habit. It was also a political forum and a thread that was mostly a discussion about me and my campaign for Governor.

I responded that I was sorry, I hadn't read the rules (big surprise) and that I would really like to hear opinions from a Christian perspective onthe drug war issue. I was polite and friendly both times.

I just went back to the board to check any responses to my question and they have closed comments on the thread.
How sad that they cannot engage in a basic discussion of something that affects them in a negative way, whether they realize it or not.

Now, let me clarify, I know that not all Baptists are like this. I met one a few months ago who is a deacon in a Baptist Church in Cullman, AL and he was in agreement with my platform...even the drug policy.

I wonder if Jesus would have closed his ears and his heart against a message of toelrance and peace or if he would have said ugly things about what type of domicile someone lived in or if he would have tried to belittle someone for their honesty?
My guess is no and this action by the Baptist Board Admin. once again proves that I am more Jesus-like in my actions than most of those who profess to be Christians.



KenH said...


I am the KenH that started the thread - mainly because I wanted to bring attention to your candidacy.

I feel honored that you posted on the thread I started at

I am a Christian and a libertarian. Fortunately, there are a few other libertarians who post on but many of the folks who post in the politics forum have no problem with Big Daddy government telling people how to live their personal lives. I was verbally attacked there a while back when I started a thread advocating the end of drug prohibition but I refuse to back down.

May you have great success in your gubernatorial campaign. I wish we had someone like you running for governor in Arkansas this year, but alas, a Libertarian Party candidate will not be among the choices on the Arkansas ballot.

By the way, I think that you have the neatest campaign slogan I have ever seen.

Ken Hamilton

Nigel Watt said...

It's unfortunate that that thread only reinforces my opinion of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Like you, I'm not religious but have respect for the religious beliefs of others - as long as they do not try to impose their beliefs on me.

That way of thinking was what led me to libertarianism as a philosophy.