Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Alabamastan Talibanicrats form New Coalition

From the Montgomery Advertiser.

Democratic leaders revealed a "Covenant for the Future" on Tuesday with issues they plan to introduce during the 2007 legislative session. Speaker of the House, Seth Hammett said "Democratic lawmakers are standing together in a united effort to move our state forward. This covenant is our promise to the people for a better tomorrow."

In addition to banning transfers between political action committees, the covenant also includes calls for eliminating sales tax on groceries, passing an amendment saying life begins at conception, requiring public schools to offer Bible literacy curriculum, passage of the Alabama Border Protection Act and creation of a scholarship program for medical students.

So the obvious questions here.

1. How will passing an amendment saying life begins at conception make Alabama a better place or move our state forward?

It won't. What it will do is make it more difficult for Alabama women to exercise their fundamental human right to choose and result in the deaths of women who find themselves in a bad situation. How exactly is that pro-life? Hell, sounds to me as if the Democrats would like us all to return to the time where men still drug women around by the hair of the head.

2. How will requiring public schools to offer a bible literacy course make Alabama better?

It won't. It will simply be an easy way for fundamentalist whackos to force their warped interpretation of the Christian religion on all Alabama public school children. And people wonder why I hate the public school system. They can teach the bible at home and in church all they want and I will never complain...but school is for learning science, mathmatics, reading
(which by the way 33% of Alabamians are'd think they'd want to teach kids how to read first...but then if they can read then they might be able to see through all the better to keep them stupid. Isn't that what the Catholic Church did hundreds of years ago?)

3. How will a border protection act move Alabama forward and make it a better place?

It won't. Alabama doesn't have a border with a foreign country. Maybe we should pass a bill that says our lawmakers have to pass a geography course before they can serve.

This bill won't do anything to curb illegal immigration. Just like deporting undocumented workers back to Mexico won't work, Jeff Session's fence won't work, and imprisoning undocumented workers won't work. What will work is a federal bill raising the number of unskilled workers eligible to immigrate from the ridiculiously low number of 5000 and pressuring Mexico to fix whatever problems they have that cause so many of their citizens to want to immigrate here.

And don't quibble at me about undocumented workers not paying taxes. They do pay FICA taxes in most cases to the tune of $500 to $600 billion dollars that they will never have the benefit of using. That likely offsets any cost to the public welfare and healthcare systems.

4. Although it isn't mentioned in the online version of this story they also oppose equal rights for the GLBT community.

This is nothing but taxation without representation and legalized discrimination. People who support this do not support the U.S. Constitution. They truly want to make this Alabamastan.

It is glaringly apparent that I am the only candidate in this race who believes all citizens should have equal rights, that a woman's right to choose is sacred and does not belong in the political arena, that children should be taught to read, write, do math, understand science and be given the tools they need to succeed in life in PUBLIC school, that religion is a private family matter and should forever remain so, and that Alabama has no border and cannot afford to waste our already thin National Guard resources placing troops on a peaceful border.

Don't get me wrong...I am not unhappy that the Democratic Party has finally admitted to being Republicans in goes a long way towards validating my claim that there is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between the two parties. I might even send them a fruit basket and a thank you card. This should make getting elected much easier for me. It should also make the Riley campaign rethink those attack ads calling Lucy Baxley a that is obviously not the case.

Remember,if you value your constitutional rights and civil liberties and you want a Governor that does as well, write in Loretta Nall on November 7, 2006.

Vote Nall Y'all...It's Just Common Sense

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