Friday, August 11, 2006

Drugs, Prostitution & The Campaign for Governor

From The Birmingham News

"In Alabama you're judged by the company you keep and Bob Riley has shown poor judgment again and again," said Jim Spearman, executive director of the Alabama Democratic Party. "From former Riley aide and now admitted felon Michael Scanlon to Riley cabinet member and top campaign aide Bill Johnson, who evaded taxes for 14 years and advocates legalized prostitution and drug use, Bob Riley continues to surround himself with people who can't and shouldn't be trusted."

This whole scene is an absolute scream!! I feel like I'm in Alice and Wonerland.

The truth of the matter is that Republicans should avocate legal drugs and prostitution because a 'true conservative' knows that these are not areas where the government has any business poking its long nose.

Democrats should also advocate legal drugs and prostitution because they must know that these laws have a disproportionately large, negative impact on minorities and poor people, who are suppossedly the base of citizens that the Democrats vow to protect and represent.

Riley's hiring of Bill Johnson is certainly no indication that he will suddenly remove his head from his ass and do the right thing where drugs and prostitution are concerned. As I stated before it is simply a ploy to steal any Republican support that I have (which is quite impressive).

Baxley trying to out-conservative Riley is a clear indication that she isn't ready to remove her head from her ass either and start speaking up for the people that Democrats are traditionally suppossed to speak for. I will say that I have a large, very large, Liberal Democrat support base in this election that is growing everyday and if the Democrats want to know why people think they SUCK these days all they have to do is look at Lucy Baxley and the way she is conducting herself in this election. No opinions on anything and she seems willing to demonize and scapegoat those who might ingest a substance she doesn't care for and those who have chosen the oldest profession as opposed to taking a guv'ment dollar.

Baxley is acting like a Republican and the Republicans are acting like Libertarians and when you vote for either of the two all you will get is screwed because they are both goobers.

Neither of them are what they claim to be.

Write in NALL Y'ALL for Governor
It's Just Common Sense

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