Saturday, August 05, 2006

How Many Resources & Public Officials Does it Take to Make a Fake Crack Bust?

Montgomery Advertiser

A state police helicopter buzzed over North Montgomery on Friday as police descended on a neighborhood that residents claim is plagued by crime.

The "Zero Tolerance" sweep was the result of several resident complaints received by Police Chief Art Baylor and Mayor Bobby Bright, both of whom were on the scene of the raid on Pickett Street. Eight people were arrested for a range of crimes, from possession of imitation crack cocaine to a variety of outstanding warrants.

Forty-four traffic citations were also issued in a checkpoint in the 100 block of Pickett Street.

Officers and ATF agents swarmed into the neighborhood and questioned everyone they came across, focusing on a home at 51 Pickett St. that appeared to be the location of many of the problems. It was at that house that the drug arrest was made, police said.

Yes. It's true. The mayor of Montgomery, the Montgomery police chief, a state helicopter and federal ATF agents were all needed to protect us from fake crack, people with unpaid parking tickets and those unfortunate enough to be caught not wearing their seat belts.

What exactly is illegal about fake crack? If it is FAKE then that means it isn't really crack an therefore should not be against the law. Under the Alabama Code (Article 7) however, it is against the law. What that means is if police come storm-trooping into your home and find sugar cubes in a plastic bag then they will charge you with possesion of fake crack.

These kinds of raids are no different than the ones conducted on Jewish ghetto's in Nazi Germany during WWII.

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