Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Riley Gives $155,000 to Door Kicker-Inners

Gov. Bob Riley has awarded a $155,000 grant to reduce the sale, distribution and use of illegal drugs in Elmore County. The grant will provide money to the Central Alabama Drug Task Force to continue investigations and special operations necessary to reduce drug crimes and illegal drugs.

Believing that illegal drug crimes affect all sections of Alabama, Riley says the grant will help provide the Central Alabama Drug Task Force with the tools needed to pursue and prosecute drug dealers and users.

The Central Alabama Drug Task Force assists local, state and federal agencies in reducing drugs in Alabama. Funding for the grant was made available to the state by the U.S. Department of Justice. The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs will administer the grant.

This is not the way to reduce drug use or crime. Please watch last's nights For the Record and listen to the experts say repeatedly that drug prohibition is working NO BETTER than alcohol prohibition did.

Tell the government to stop wasting your money waging war on its own people. A war that amounts to a government jobs program, the destruction of the family unit, loss of constitutional rights and civil liberties and the rise of the police state. Pretty soon there will be calls for

"A Door Kicker-Inner for every house!"

Vote Nall Y'all...It's Just Common Sense

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Dan said...

Thanks for the link to the FTR piece. I had forgot to watch it but will now.