Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Satan Attacks Birmingham

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Atlanta Journal Constitution

Annetta Nunn's office could belong to a preacher. A photo of the Rev. Maritin Luther King Jr. greets visitors, mocha-colored angel figurines fill a bookcase. The baseball cap behind her desk says "God Answers Prayers

But Nunn isn't a minister — she's the police chief. And she wonders if the fact that she is an outspoken Christian has something to do with the surging murder rate in Alabama's biggest city, where homicides are up more than 25 percent over last year.

Birmingham Police Chief Annetta Nunn wonders if her openness about her devout faith has emboldened the devil.

Nunn says one thing is certain to happen anytime Christians speak boldly: "Satan is going to attack." So Nunn can't help but wonder if her own actions — singing hymns at the funerals of three slain officers, making speeches and writing articles mentioning God — somehow have made the devil meaner than usual in Birmingham.

I can't believe they let this woman walk around with a loaded firearm.

I think Chief Nunn actually thinks she is a nun. Isn't it amazing that public official's in this day and age can claim "work of Satan" as an excuse for their own poor job performance and be taken seriously? Oh wait...this is ALABAMA.

I wonder if it works both ways then. If someone is arrested for committing a crime and they claim "The devil made me do it" do they get a free pass? I think not, even though a reasonable argument could be made that since Chief Nunn claimed the devil was responsible then a criminal would simply be validating her claim.

Can you imagine that conversation?

Criminal: "I ain't did nothin' Chief Nunn it was the devil smoked that joint."

Chief Nunn: "TESTIFY!! 'Kalluuuumkalalabaya' 'Hallelujah' I had heard ole' Splitfoot was about 'Praise God'...On your knees then...we gone pray him outta the HAM.'

Scary, ain't it? Almost as scary as the Birmingham homicide rate.

Maybe if Annetta Nunn stopped praying and started working the homicide rate would drop in Jefferson County. If she can't get off her knees and fight crime on her feet then maybe she should become the police chaplain or turn in her badge and head off to Jesus school.


Blue Gal said...

The butt is Vulcan's, but the a-hole is the Chief of Police.

Nita420 said...

AMEN, Loretta! Just imagine if Chief Nunn really see's some poor bastard who she thinks may be Satan? GAWD! NO, MA'AM... THIS WOMAN DOES NOT NEED A PERMIT TO CARRY A LOADED FIREARM AND A BADGE TO SHOOT AT WILL.

She sounds crazy as the hell she's got one foot in & all of her mind.

Apryl said...

Well, Bush inserted some lines from the Bible in a post 9/11 conference and things haven't been right since he took office. While I have nothing against anyone's religion, politicians and others in a position of power should not be allowed to use their position in office to shove their religious veiws down our throats!...Or allow their beleifs to influence how they run their office. Because of the mixing of politics and religion students are now subject to "sex-ed" focused on abstaining from sex. What little info provided on preventing pregnancy and STD's is often incorrect. Ever notice that these "Bible- thumping" Zealots usually have their heads in the sand?!? We need to bring back the "separation of church and state".