Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Candidate Due Spot in Debate

Montgomery Advertiser

As an Alabama voter, and one who has been actively involved in an effort to find a way to improve our state government for over two years, I wish to register my displeasure at the exclusion of a candidate for the office of governor of Alabama from the debates scheduled to take place on Oct. 30.

True, Loretta Nall is not on the ballot due to Alabama's overly restrictive ballot access law (which should be included as one of the topics for debate) but she is actively campaigning as the nominee of the Alabama Libertarian Party, albeit as a write-in candidate.

If a half-dozen minor party or non-party individuals were candidates, it might be unwieldy to include all of them in the debate, but she is the only announced and campaigning candidate other than those of the two major parties, and I believe it is an affront to her and to all Alabamians to not include her so as to allow the public to hear her views on the issues facing us.

Don Seibold

Thanks a million Don for taking the time to write this to the Advertiser.


Don said...

Loretta, the same letter was sent to the leaders of the 4 organizations sponsoring the debates:
Barbara W. Larson, Executive Director, Leadership Alabama
James W. Williams Jr., Executive Director, PARCA
Allan Pizzato, Executive Director, Alabama Public Television
Felicia Mason, Executive Director, Alabama Press Association.

I would suggest that everyone who would like to have had Ms. Nall included in the debates also voice their opinion to the sponsors and also through letters to editors.

Anonymous said...

Even if there WERE a half dozen candidates, they would still have just as much right to be in the debate as any "major" party candidate.

I wish we had a lot more candidates on our ballots for EVERY office.