Friday, September 29, 2006

Court Update

Sorry for keeping everyone in suspense. The last two days have been sort of unrealistic.

Here is how court went.

I sat in court 11 hours only to find out that a motion to continue in my case had been ruled on the day before. Then I was a wise-ass to the judge because I had to sit there all day for nothing and probably only narrowly escaped jail for being mouthy .
But I am not in jail.

I also did TalkBack Live on Channel 8 today about my court appearance and the write-in campaign. Don't have a copy yet but will post it when I do.

I plan to write more on court tomorrow. Right now I am too tired but wanted to let all of my worried supporters and friends know that I am ok.

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Don Prockup, Jr said...

sounds like they are fooking with you.they should have informed you. i was a states
witness and had to sit for four hours only to find out it was dropped. when the judge asked why i was there i stood up, only to have the guard run at me because i stood up. there sould be someone over these god-like judges. don prockup