Monday, October 30, 2006

Damn...After Watching the Debate...

I might actually win this thing. What a complete embarassment both candidates were.

Can you imagine how much more interesting it would have been had I been included? I wonder how many other Alabamians thought the same thing?

I will be working into the night transcribing the questions...I won't bother with the 'candidate answers' becuse I didn't hear one single answer to one question asked the entire hour from either candidate.


Anonymous said...

I vote for John Tyson who stands head and shoulders above Troy King who came across
in the debate on AL Public Television as a student in politics. King should face the fact that he has no experience to prosecute criminals. Try again whenever he has learned how to do the job. IF AL voters vote for him, I will say that he was voted on like the homecoming queen was in high school and the people are voting without thinking of the importance of an Attorney General who is objectively smart and can do the job of that important office. I have thought what is going to happen whenever the prisons won't hold anymore people. If the politicians had to go to prison if they did not do their jobs effectively and objectively
we would have many to bow out now!

Loretta Nall said...

I'll be supporting Tyson as well in this election and encouraging all of my supporters to do the same. I don't agree with his willingness to forcibly drug children....but of the two scooundrels in the AG race he is definitely the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

I vote for JIm Folsom over Luther Strange and I had been for Luther Strange. I feel that the fact Strange leaned on Bob Riley(assuming he was going to be the Governor of Al) made him weak and appear that without Bob Riley he could not be the Lt. Governor and even though he is young, a young, likable person has to be independently able to do the job he is asking people to vote him in to do.

Loretta Nall said...

I think I'll write Daffy Duck in for Lt. Gov.
Due to the high volume of phone calls from supporters watching the debate and their tripping on Bob Riley's hair, which looks like it was styled by a mortician, I missed the Lt. Gov debate. Hopefully it will re-air at some point.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Lucy Baxley over Bob Riley. Did anyone notice that he could not stick to answering the question but had the ignorance (He doesn't understand.) to stand there as smug that he is the answer to straightening out not only the state of AL but the United States. Did John McCain have that kind of affect on Gov. Riley? Wow! McCain did not fare so well in the past run for being a candidate for the President.

Loretta Nall said...

Needless to say I will be voting for myself for Governor.

I thought both candidates did a terrible job and Lucy was an absolute joke. She really should have spent some of her campaign funds on a debate coach. I could have mopped the floor with both of them but they know it and therefore excluded me from the debate.

I didn't hear one solid, real answer from either candidate on any of the issues. Today I will be transcribing the questions and posting my own answers online for voters to read and take into consideration.

Duncan said...

When have you ever heard a politician give a straight answer to a question. There is a disease in this country that makes people narrow minded when it comes to voting. They are convinced that one of the 2 main parties are the answer to all the problems we have and continue to fail to realize that they are the cause of the continued corruption and demise of our society.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Colbert recently made a splash by releasing a "green screen" video segment of himself doing Jedi battle moves; fans all across the country built some incredible movies around him. How hard would it be to put Loretta "in the picture" with the other candidates in debate? I suppose this kind of production should have been arranged beforehand, but I keep hoping that some enterprising candidate will find a way to "post-produce" himself or herself into the debates, and toss the resulting segment onto YouTube or a similar site, for all to enjoy.

Good Luck Loretta! Go girl!

Bob Webb said...


I'm expecting someone to come along and make you a most excellent offer for a book deal. Your blogs are fascinating, compelling, and very readable.

Best of luck with all of your future endeavors.

Bob Webb
Technical Writer
Denver, CO

Loretta Nall said...

Thank you Bob. I keep hoping that will happen. I love to write.