Wednesday, October 18, 2006

From my Inbox

Thought I'd share some excerpts from supporter emails in my inbox.

The Republican


"As a registered Republican, I am seriously considering writing
your name in when I vote in November.Are you still
supporting the idea of a write-n candidacy? Please let me know.
I am also teetering on the brink of switching to the "L" party.
Please let me know if you still seek votes."
The Sports Fan

"Now Loretta, you should know that Auburn won that game with the same
expertise they utilized in the Auburn/LSU game; bullshit SEC officiating.
That's right, that's Tubby paying off the officials to win, too bad he
didn't pay enough in the Arkansas game! Hey, I am writing in your name on
the ballet come Nov. even though you are a War Beagle.
An LSU Fan in AL"
The One Who Got Polled (I've got a bunch of these)

"I just got a call on the phone asking if i was going to vote for Bob or Lucy
for governor.I'm not sure who was doing the polling though. I said ,neither,
I'm voting for the Libertarian party Loretta Nall as a write-in. Then they
asked if i was going to vote straight democrate or republican. I told them
neither. Love it!!!!!!! Peace"
And my favorite one

The I've Never Voted Before

Dear Loretta,
"I am 36 years old and have never set foot in a voting booth due to the fact that I think politicians are so corrupt. I will register and finally cast my vote thanks to you being an option. I think Alabama needs you desperately and trust me, I'm going to talk to all my friends and family about voting for you. Best of Luck! You've got my vote!"

Got hundreds more with varying messages of support but it's the ones from people of all age groups that say, "You have inspired me to register and vote for the first time in my life" and the ones that say, "I just registered to vote I am proud to be casting my first vote for you" that really satisfy me the most.

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