Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oh Stop Whining Lucy!!

This article from The Decatur Daily featuring Lt. Governor Lucy Baxley is a real whiner.

If I may be so bold as to offer up that this kind of 'poor pitiful me' attitude put forth to the public is the real reason Lt. Governor Baxley won't win this election. It simply doesn't inspire people. No one wants a weak, whiney, candidate who is asking for a sympathy vote.

From the article:
Baxley said her campaign is struggling in part because of what she sees as an effective undercurrent of sexism by the Riley campaign.

"They love to throw in, 'Well, she doesn't understand,' " Baxley said. "I take every bit of that as a way of saying, 'Well, she's a woman; how could she know?' I take offense to these little innuendoes.

"They don't dare come out and say, 'She's a woman, how could she know?' But they get their little subtle hints in there," Baxley continued. "I doubt he's had three conversations with me (as lieutenant governor) about state business. He talks to the menfolk."

Lt. Governor Baxley, you are a female...what else are people suppossed to refer to you as? Being called 'she' is not a sexist remark. If you want an incidence of sexism in this campaign check this out. But, I took it all in stride and even turned it to my advantage. Additionally, if you are concerned about sexism then it seems you would have been here yesterday.

"And for the past year I've been clamoring, saying, 'Hey, newspapers, cover what I'm doing. Cover my issues,' with very minimal, almost no, free press. He's out there every day. Then, he has tons of money.

As for press coverage....I've managed to do ok without millions of dollars...or even the $25,000 required to file. I was doing very well in state media before this last week in the national spotlight. Both you and Governor Riley have more money than I do by far so it couldn't be lack of money for advertising that you are so far behind in the polls. But saying your gonna get your ass kicked in the debate is.

Baxley said she was apprehensive about a Monday debate with Riley on Alabama Public Television.

"Now won't I be mismatched? I've never had a debate lesson in my life," Baxley said. "I'm the underdog in this. I'm apprehensive. He's slick. Promises and glib remarks slide off his tongue. He's pretty confident about his ability to fool people."

Geez least you got invited to the debates. If you'd like to bow out between now and tomorrow evening and offer me your spot give me a call at 251-650-2271.

You can read the rest of this article here.

This is not an endorsement of Riley....not by a long shot. They're both scoundrels in my book. Vote them OUT!
Vote Nall Y'all...It's Just Common Sense


Maxwell Hammer said...

Of course they're going to say she doesn't understand. They say that about men, too. At least they aren't digging up the real negative stuff on you. They're treating Lucy pretty easy.

And how is it your opponets fault if you can't debate. You've been a politican for years, it looks like you would have learned the techniques of rhetoric and logic by now. Isn't that your job?

Hey, Loretta, why don't you just marry some politician and run on his name. That's apparently the way women get elected in this state. It's how Lurleen Wallace did it.

Loretta Nall said...


Hey, Loretta, why don't you just marry some politician and run on his name. That's apparently the way women get elected in this state. It's how Lurleen Wallace did it.

I am already married. Have been for 16 years. I'd rather run and win on my own merits. politicians are a complete turn off.

Maxwell Hammer said...

I know you're married. I'm sure your husband would be willing to make the sacrifice for the good of the people of Alabama, right?;)

Loretta Nall said...

No probably not....but he did say that if I am elected he does not want to be known as 'The First Man'. He says just 'The Man' will do fine. :)

Lori A. Robinson said...

"The Man" works for me & it is that sort of flexibility that makes you a viable candidate! You have made melons out of lemons. The Baxley "no fair" machine just makes her a weak "female" candidate instead of a "gubernatorial candidate". That is a huge difference. Loretta, you have my vote.

Anonymous said...

You got my vote, too, Loretta. I am a Democrat by choice, but I wouldn't vote for that little fake-face name-ripper if she was the only one running!

Go girl. ;-)