Sunday, October 29, 2006

Political Levity is a Good Thing

From the Tuscaloosa News

Please exercise your right to vote

Pete Kinnear
October 26. 2006 3:30AM

Dear Editor: What do the following political candidates have in common: Nancy Worley, Loretta Nall, Kinky Friedman? Answer: They all make me laugh, though for different reasons. This election has brought out the worst in campaign tactics; the usual mudslinging, local and national, has turned to out-and-out lies and vicious character smears. Karl Rove’s tactics have been embraced by so many that they have become the style du jour. Not being registered to vote in Texas I am unable to boost “The Kinkster’s" chances there. I can, however, help the other two. We desperately need a little humor these days! Please, please vote Nov. 7 (a Tuesday this year).

Thanks Pete Kinnear. I enjoyed reading this letter. I wonder just how many people I have made laugh over the course of the last week? Laughter is a powerful political weapon. In these times when all the messages from those seeking elected office are about terrorism, war, terrorism, war and terrorism and war a little laughter is just what people need and may prove to be a far more deadly political weapon than the fear tactics and smear campaigns employed by other candidates.

See you at the polls!

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