Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Riley on Pot

One of my supporters recently sent a letter to Governor Riley expressing his opinion on marijuana. I do not know what the letter said. Here is what Governor Riley had to say in response.

As you can see, it doesn't say anything really doesn't say much of anything at all. However, I agree with Governor Riley that making your opinions known is important. I hope that more people follow the example set by this supporter and write Governor Riley a letter as well.


Anonymous said...

Riley's reply is a no response reply which is typical for politicians. Actually though, the guy who wrote the letter to Riley was fortunate to receive any reply at all. Most of those in their ivory towers feel so far above us peons who pay their salaries and for the rest of our government that they seem to think it's beneath their dignity to even acknowledge that we tried to contact them.

Dan said...

Loretta, next time you're in Tuscaloosa or we're both in B'ham, remind me to bring my folder of letters to show you. I have started sending the letter back to them with a handwritten note, "I'm happy that you appreicate my concern, but what is your position?"

I never get those back.

Loretta Nall said...

Right on Dan!

I've done that a few times myself but didn't keep copies. I never got responses to any of the "Thanks for caring but what's your position" letters either. I'd love to send your folder. You should scan them and make them available on BTL.