Monday, October 30, 2006

Thanks NBC 13 & WAKA 8

Last night NBC 13 News in Birmingham aired parts of an interview with me that we did last Tuesday when all of the big media hit. It was a superb piece and I just wanted to thank Chris Pollone and the editors publicly for doing such a great job. I couldn't have purchased advertising that good. I recorded this on my VCR but have no way to transfer it to the computer at the moment as my video camera isn't working.

I also have a clip from a spot last week on WAKA Channel 8 News in Montgomery. I was a guest on TalkBack for the third time. It was also a spectacular show. TalkBack is filmed live with me taking calls from viewers in between questions from either Monica Allen or Stephanie Hicks. The whole news crew at WAKA Channel 8 is just magnificent. They have provided more TV coverage than any other station in Alabama and it has all been good. In fact, they have been covering me since my first protest on the steps of the state capitol in 2003. Jabari Preuitt, the evening news producer, is wonderful. I always have such a good time when I am at Channel 8. They all seem like old friends.

A funny thing happened to me on this visit. The camera guy was micing me up and he said, "Yesterday Lucy Baxley was in the studio and I wasn't aware of it. I was over on the other side of the room talking politics with another guy and I told him, "I'm voting Nall Y'all" and Lt. Governor Baxley heard me. My buddy elbowed me and pointed...she sure looked funny."

To the crew at Channel 8....the t-shirts and other campaign goodies will be on the way Wednesday.

As soon as I figure out a way to transfer both of these videos I will post them.

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