Monday, November 13, 2006

Back to the Grind


I am back from California and recovering from both the election and the long trip immediately afterwards. In the coming days I will be writing more on the whole election experience and laying out my plans for the work I have planned in the upcoming legislative session.

I am reading reports of high numbers of write-in votes not only in Mobile and Baldwin counties but also from North Alabama counties. I also continue to get emails from Alabamians who wrote my name in. I have read in the papers that the votes will be certified on the 17th which is this coming Friday. The SoS office told me that the following Monday will be a much more realistic day to expect the numbers. I think Friday is the last day to get them in to be certified.

So, be patient y'all, we will get our numbers. While being patient if you are unhappy about your vote not being counted on election night and want to do something about it please email me. I have a couple of legal and legislative ideas working to address that issue and I am gathering supporters for introducing and supporting a bill that addresses the ballot access laws in Alabama. It will take a great deal of public pressure to get a ballot access bill passed and I'll need every warm body willing to help in any way possible. I don't care what your party affiliation or ideology....we don't have to agree on issues....but if you think ballot access laws should be the same for ALL who wish to run then get with me on this and lets set it in motion.

I am also about to begin working on the Compassionate Care Act (medical marijuana bill) which will be re-introduced in the 2007 legislative session. Again EMAIL ME if you want to help with this bill and specifically if you are a patient, caregiver, family member or loved one of a medical marijuana user, a physician who is supportive, clergy or a citizen who realizes how critical it is to preserve the right to any medical treatment that might alleviate pain and suffering and allow people to die with dignity. We don't need medical advice from government bureaucrats....that's why we have doctors.

I am eagerly anticipating the work ahead...I hope y'all are too.


Amanda Harrell said...

hey girl!! i'm with ya all the way on having my vote counted on election night AND on the compassionate care act. i can't email you though because when i click the links it takes me to an email program that i don't use and won't give me your email address. but i AM interested in helping in any way possible so please count me in. you can reach me at the following locations...

thank you so much loretta for all that you've done and all that you continue to do!!!

amanda harrell

W. Doug Bolden said...

We need to do something to allow third parties a better standing in Alabama. It is not fair that Libertarians have to work harder, with less money and no (ex)presidents to speak for us, and then have to be hand written on a ballot. In some ways, I am mad at myself for not researching other lib candidates so I could write them all in, but it suprised me to find no lib representation on the ballet.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll, there is an excellent article on about the need for 3rd party. A really good one. In the meantime between us nominating you again in next goobernatural run, Loretta, maybe you and billyjack (Tom Laughlin) could get in cahoots.

Ya'll be a great team.