Monday, November 06, 2006

Contact Info for Today

UPDATE: My appearance on the Matt Murphy Show has been canceled. Matt called and told me that this being the day before the elections advertising is pretty much thirty minutes of every hour which makes it difficult to get into any detailed conversations. I will be on one day next week to talk about the outcome of the election and offer my thoughts on why politics has become such a blood sport.

Additionally, I am back at my landline now so please call 251-650-2271 if you need to reach me.

I will be in and out today. If you need to contact me via phone please call 256-625-9599. This will be my cell number from here on out.

I will be a guest on the Matt Murphy Show in Birmingham this afternoon at 3 pm. If you are in the braodcast area tune into 101.1 The Source FM at 3 pm. If you are outside the listening area you can tune in on the internet from the link at the top of Matt's site.

I will be throwing an election night party tomorrow night from 630 to 11 PM at the Libertarian Party Headquarters located at 2330 Highland Ave. South in Birmingham. There will be free beer/wine/spirits and food. Y'all Come!


Jeff said...

Yeah the ads on The Source are getting out of hand - it has been that way since Friday. Quite annoying if you ask me for Talk Radio. They need to charge more to cut out certain folks.

Donna said...

I'll try my best to be at the election night party.