Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shouldn't charge fee for write-ins

Another great LTE in today's Birmingham News
They have really done a great job covering this issue since the election. Thanks BHAM News and thanks to Darryl Perry for writing in.

Shouldn't charge fee for write-ins:

State Rep. Paul DeMarco, R-Homewood, wants to add a filing fee for write-in candidates, because: "As a candidate, I have to pay a filing fee and complete a lot of paperwork, like the ethics forms." While DeMarco is not incorrect in this statement, it is misleading. The filing fee to which he refers is a party-imposed fee, not one imposed by the secretary of state. If DeMarco were to run as an independent or minor-party candidate, there would be no filing fee.

While I do agree there needs to be a write-in candidate declarations form, I do not agree there should be a fee. What DeMarco should be doing is petitioning the Legislature for fairness and equality in ballot access.

The voters are getting tired of having to choose between candidates in the Republican and Democratic parties, and the write-ins are a way of showing displeasure, since there are no third-party candidates to choose from. Stop complaining and do your job.

Darryl W. Perry

East Lake

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