Thursday, November 02, 2006

This Guy is an IDIOT who apparently cannot READ

Cleavage Candidates and the Politics of Gender

Which makes one wonder how he ever got a job getting his piehole remarks published anywhere except on his own website. As I stated yesterday Whatever happened to a little journalistic research?

And why do men seem so afraid of women in politics?

I sent the following email this morning.

Hi Carey,

Your piece about my campaign is so completely wrong. It's funny that we both write for Lew Rockwell and are of a Libertarian bent and you come up with something like this. Did you bother to read my platform or anything else other than the incorrect and inflammatory headline that came across your desk?

I see that this offensive article has been republished in a number of papers and on websites. I'll be contacting each and every one of them and asking for a retraction. I would also ask that you correct this mis-information on your website.

Loretta Nall
Libertarian for Governor of Alabama

Lew Rockwell and I talked via email the other day. He, as it happens, is very proud of me and my work on behalf of Liberty....and as long as Lew is happy....then I am pretty happy too.

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