Thursday, December 28, 2006

Daily crime reports go online

Montgomery Advertiser

The Montgomery Police Department is putting its crime statistics online.

In a news conference Thursday, Montgomery Police Department Maj. D.W. Warren punched a few buttons on a small keyboard, and seconds later, Montgomery residents were given access to every felony crime reported to the police department.

"It's a major step in the right direction of transparency," said Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright.

It's also a major source of amusement and utter hilarity. Here are a just a few samplings from yesterday's report.

Victim reported some unknown subjects entered the victims vehicle and stole a pair of shoes, a flashlight, a luggage bag, a satellite radio, assorted Christmas gifts, assorted clothing, a laptop computer, a bluetooth device, a wireless mouse, a computer case,ten cd's, ten dvd's and two scales.

(That sounds much more like a wishlist to Santa to me and I do believe I would have left the 'scales' out of my list of items stolen.)

Victim reported that someone forcibly entered the residence through the rear doon causing $50 in damage, and stole a playstation, assorted playstation games, assorted dvd movies, a lion face gold ring with a diamond set in the mouth, assorted jewelry boxes with assorted jewelry and a bottle of Seagrams gin.

(Officer, they took my gin!)

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