Tuesday, December 05, 2006

To the Dentist for a Root Canal

Yep! My day is going to be just jam packed with fun. At 10 am I go to the dentist for a double root canal, fillings and a partial cleaning. I have never had a root canal before and I hear they are brutal. On top of that narcotic pain killers will be prescribed and I will need them.....but I hate taking narcotic painkillers. Most people would be likely to think that since I am so fond of pot that I would love opiate based drugs. Not true. The opiate based drugs make me itch, make me nauseous and when I lay down and try to sleep them off I feel like I have been taking speed. It's a nasty combination.

On top of that my favorite Great Uncle, Mr. John D. Patterson of Lineville, AL passed away on Sunday morning and his funeral is today. I won't be able to attend as I will not be capable of driving myself and there is no one to drive me. I'll be writing about Uncle John when I get back from the dentist assuming I will be able to run the keyboard. He was one of a kind and I miss him already.


Roberto C. Alvarez-Galloso,CPUR said...

My condolences on the loss of your great uncle. I hope you feel better.

Don said...

Yes, condolences for the loss of your great uncle.

Really, the worst thing about a root canal may be your anxiety and the pin pricks as they deaden the area first. I had to go through some oral surgery a few years ago and they let me inhale “laughing gas” during the procedure. Now talk about a great high!! It removes all inhibitions, and being a natural flirt anyway I winked and gestured to the female assistant and enjoyed erotic and exotic thoughts about her. I may need to see if I can buy a tank of that stuff.