Friday, December 01, 2006

Whos A Rat .com

Earlier this morning there was a story on CNN about this website called which claims to identify 4000 undercover police informants.

Here is a story from Drudge Report about the website.

Wikipedia has more here

I believe such websites are constitutionally protected. Here in Alabama we have our own court ruling involving this issue and supporting the claim that it is constitutionally protected free speech. I also believe sites like this one help to preserve our constitutional right to 'face our accuser' which sadly has been erased by drug warriors. I have never understood how police using a confidential informant in drug cases is legal. We are suppossed to have the right to face our accuser in a court of law, aren't we? However, if the cops say, "A confidential informant gave us this information" then we never get that opportunity. They might as well be able to say, "A little birdie told me." And that is NON-SENSE!

I hope the site comes back up. If it does I will add a permanent link on this site.
UPDATE: is now fully operational once again.

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Roberto C. Alvarez-Galloso,CPUR said...

I read your article with interest. In another subject, In an interview with the BBC about Cuba, I told Wayne Smith [Carter's Former Head of the US Interest Section in Cuba] that the root of the world's problems are the Cold War Vestiges called Republicans, Democrats, and their puppets in Latin America [such as Castro].
I then identified myself as a Libertarian. He tried to cut me off but the BBC allowed me to have a final word.
Mr. Smith [he wants to be called Dr. Smith but I insisted on calling him Mr. Smith to his face] had to accept being put in his place and almost choked on the liquid he was drinking.