Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Add this to the list of things I never thought I would do

Near the end of the 2006 Gubernatorial Election when all of the national and international press hit over the fact that I have mammory glands I got a strange invite.

A friend and fellow drug policy reformer in Texas told me that she is a member of MENSA and that they are having their annual gathering in Birmingham this year. She asked me if I would be interested in speaking to the group. I told her that I would and this morning I got an email in my inbox from the MENSA folks in Alabama extending the official invite. This will take place in July at the Sheraton. I will be discussing what it was like as a female running for Governor of Alabama. I am very excited.

Who would have ever thought that a dope-smoking, high school drop-out would be invited to speak to the most intelligent people on earth in the state of Alabama? For all those that say "Pot makes you stupid" I have one comment.....I'm speaking at MENSA and YOU'RE NOT!!!


Mikeadeth said...

Sounds like a neat forum to discuss your platform and experience. Just make sure to speak slowly so the geniuses can follow! :-P

Anonymous said...

That's great Loretta! ***PEACE***

Don said...

A diploma or degree may not be evidence of intelligence. When I heard a sweaty muscadine-picking gubernatorial candidate say that she only had a GED I was frankly astounded because I had learned how really sharp you are.

FrankD said...

You are a unique and amazing woman and you continually impress me with what you are accomplishing.