Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Do you have health insurance?

Up until very recently my family was one of millions of American families that did not have health care coverage. We have it now and I must say it is nice to see how the other side lives. It was always very difficult to take my kids to the doctor and have the money to pay for the office visit, as long as nothing major like lab work was required, but not be able to for prescriptions. The doctors would always ask in an accusatory tone, "Why don't you have health insurance?" as if not having it was something that I chose.

When my husband or I would have to go to the doctor they always herded us through like cattle. They gave us minimal treatment, ineffective remedies and no follow-up appointment. My husband has recently been diagnosed with disk space narrowing and suffers from constant sciatic nerve pain. Since his insurance kicked in the doctors office has actually treated him like a human being. The transformation has been quite amazing.

Before our health care coverage went into effect I was looking into private health care coverage plans. There are some affordable ones available for families in todays insurance market. Health Insurance Finders has a Health Insurance Knowledgebase where consumers can find answers to all of their health insurance questions.

If you are tired of living without healthcare coverage and in fear of the slightest cold or you want to be treated like a human being in need of quality medical care instead of like a cao being driven through the chute please visit the Health Insurance Knowledgebase and see if there is a plan there that fits your budget.

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