Saturday, January 20, 2007

Drug Cases Dominate Mobile Docket

Drug and murder indictments dominate in January grand jury report
Saturday, January 20, 2007
Mobile Press-Register Staff Reporter

The deaths of a 3-month-old boy by beating and shaking, a woman killed in a DUI-related car crash, the slayings of two women in domestic violence incidents and the strangulation of a 70-year-old man were among cases processed this month by the Mobile County grand jury.

In a relatively modest 47-page report, January grand jurors announced they considered 338 cases, and of those handed down 232 indictments -- 201 felonies and 31 misdemeanors.

Drug crimes accounted for 70 percent of the grand jury's docket, along with a smattering of cases such as resisting arrest; criminal mischief; dog fighting and cruelty to animals in a related incident; obstruction of justice; and impersonating a police officer.


You know....they wouldn't have that much to do without the drug war. This just goes to show that the drug war is nothing more than a government jobs program that creates the crime it claims to protect us from while destroying our constitutional and civil rights in the process. It is an attempt to centralize power with local police officers who are loyal to the federal government and not the citizens they are sworn to serve and protect. Without the drug war they would have to find a different line of work. They have a vested interest in keeping it going.

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Anonymous said...

Long time no hear...

Hope all is going well with the race...

Seems the only time I see you is in DC every couple of years or so...

Had to get this off my chest, I am sure you have recognized this as well !

So would a lot of Federally Funded so called Activist Groups and Oganizations... I will point no fingers. They know who they are !

I believe this is one reason they refuse to work closer together...

To many high paid Chiefs, not enough Indians !!!

United we stand Divided we fall !!!


Mary aka Rev.Mary

Diverse Sanctuary Ministries

"Stop the Ignorance"
The Never Ending War On Drugs