Wednesday, January 24, 2007

File your tax return online

It's never too early to do your taxes. We all know that many of us don't look forward to this moment, but now there's an easier way to do your taxes more effectively. eSmart Tax Online Tax Filing Software offers an online solution for your IRS tax form preparation and filing.

No more calculator errors and redoing by hand your paper filing mistakes. Now your tax preparation can all be typed and saved online with online forms that are tested and authorized by the IRS.

eSmart Tax online software includes free efile, free resubmission if required and free printing until 10/15. Some companies may charge extra for efile, data import or print while the one price to use eSmart Tax includes all available features.

At eSmart Tax, they listen to their users and appreciate their feedback. They invest in making our product the best it can be and have made major enhancements this last year.

There are no hidden costs, unlike many other companies. You can find our pricing in plain sight on our home page:

Our prices include:
1040 EZ for $7.95
1040 / 1040A for $14.95
State Tax Returns for $12.95

We also include many advanced features with ALL of our paid options, including an advanced tax scenario feature where you can copy one set of tax return data into 3 different "what if" scenarios to find the lowest taxable amount. That's like have 3 different tax return form
totals without all the eraser marks. This unique feature alone makes the cost of the online software worthwhile.

Under $30 to print and e-file both your Federal and State tax filing.

If you already do your taxes on your own, eSmart Tax will save you time and headache.

Choose eSmart Tax as your Online Tax Preparation and Tax Filing
Software this year.

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Roberto C. Alvarez-Galloso,CPUR said...

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