Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Doggie Blogging

This will be a short one because I have contrated the flu. JOY! I feel like maybe I have been eat by a bear and shit off a cliff. My chest hurts, my head everything hurts.

My puppy Saul is still progressing nicely. He is so sweet. Yesterday, the first day of the flu, he was so good. He took naps with me, didn't get into things he wasn't suppossed to get into, was very calm and he didn't even try to chase the cats when I would take him out. I think he knew I was sick and didn't feel like any foolishness. I was so weak yesterday that, had he tried to pull away from me I would have lost his leash. But he didn't try...he didn't even lollygag at the door looking for kitties like he usually does. He is a sweet baby.

We started building him an outside pen last weekend. We got the metal stakes in the ground and tomorrow we will put up the wire and gate. He will still be a mostly inside dog, and always in the house at night. I like him laying in the corner by my head at night. I know he will enjoy a place outside where he can watch the cats til his heart is content. He will also enjoy having some dirt to bury his bones and things in. Every time I give him a chewy bone or a rawhide trip or hell even an empty milk jug he picks it up in his mouth and walks around whining and looking for a place to bury it. His current favarite places are under the couch and under my bed. His whine is so pitiful and urgent.

Last night I was sitting on the floor in front of the fire and daddy Nall came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. Saul was up immediately and checking out what was going on. He looked dad in the eye for a long second, then looked at me as if to ask "Should I eat him?". I petted him and told him it was ok. He curled up at my feet and went back to sleep. I think even at almost 5 months he would really hurt someone if he thought I was in danger. That gives me a very secure feeling.

Still no call back from the drug dog cop on training. I think Saul and I will do just fine with the book that I have. We don't need no stinkin' cop to help us. He already knows the basic stuff and I don't think I need to train him in personal protection as that comes natural to him where I am concerned. So wadda we need a trainer for?
Thanks to everyone from across the country that has written me with advice and stories of their own shepherds. I now understand why these dogs are so beloved. I love my baby like he was of my own flesh and blood.

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