Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Doggie Blogging

This is the end of week 6 for Saul with his new family. I still absolutely adore him.

Saul has had a fairly busy week. On Monday I had to go to Montgomery for a meeting with my state partners on medical marijuana, probation and parole reform and prison reform. I decided to take Saul with me to try and get him a little more used to riding in the car and to socialize him more. I packed him up in his crate with his toys and took off. Unfortunately squeaky moose, which is one of his favorites, got caught up in a torrent of doggie vomit when Saul lost his cookies. Squeaky Moose can be saved after a good washing.

He did pretty well other than getting sick. He is very quiet when riding. Doesn't make any noise. I have to check on him often to make sure he is still breathing. After the meeting I got him out to walk around and meet people. Everyone loved him and commented on his unusual color. A few people walking by asked what he was. One said he raised pit bulls and asked if I fought my dog.

Dog fighting is cruel and I think anyone who engages in it should be put in jail for a very long time. That is one of the few things I would actually pick up the phone and call the cops for.

On Wednesday I had to go to BHAM. I didn't know how long I would be gone and did not want to leave my baby in his crate all day long with no one here to let him outside. So I packed him up again. This time he didn't get sick. After my meeting I sat with him on the street in Five Points. He sat down with his back againist my leg and watched everyone that walked by. People admired him greatly....mostly from a distance. He did not get hyper and try to run away or jump around. He didn't bark or growl at strangers. He was an absolute gem.

Saul also seems to have gotten over his jumpiness around the kids in the house. Yesterday my son was out of school and all day long he and Saul played fetch and scratch my tummy and all sorts of things Saul usually only let's me do. I was very pleased.

We have been building him an outside pen which should get finished this weekend. I know he will be very happy to have a place outside where he can conduct covert surveillance of the cats, join in the neighborhood barking chain and sniff all of the wonderful things there are to sniff in the country air. He will still be coming in at night to sleep in my room. Dad Nall isn't very happy about that. He claims Saul lays in the floor on his side of the bed at night and let's farts that smell so bad they wake him out of a dead sleep. He said if we could bottle the funk then we could put the smelling salts people out of business. All I have to say is that the smell has never woken me up although it has made my eyes water when awake.

There has been no progress on getting him enrolled in obedience school taught by the drug dog cop. That is a real shame as I was looking forward to the challenge that adventure would have presented. For now Saul and I will jut have to make do with a couple of books, lots of determination and unconditional love to turn him into a well mannered member of the Nall family. I'm sure we will do just fine.

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