Tuesday, January 09, 2007

LoudLaunch has Launched

A few weeks ago I started looking for ways to make an income with my blog. I have since come across four different sites that offer this opportunity to bloggers. The most recent is LoudLaunch. It works similar to the others that I am currently test-driving. I signed up last night and when I got up this morning my account was already approved. I posted one advertisement and made $3. When this one is posted and accepted that will be another $5. If you have multiple blogs you can post two ad posts a day on each blog....meaning you can really cash in and make some bank while doing what you love. Check out LoudLaunch today!

LoudLaunch - Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis. View the LoudLaunch campaign release this post was based on.

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