Thursday, January 11, 2007

Montgomery police officer (SRO) resigns; being investigated for possible sexual activity with students


A Montgomery police officer who resigned last night was arrested at police headquarters and charged with seven counts, including attempted sodomy and sexual abuse, police said.

Cpl. Billy Doss, 46, is accused of two counts of enticing a child, one count of sexual abuse and one count of attempted sodomy of two 14-year-old girls, said Montgomery Police Chief Arthur Baylor.

Doss is also accused of one count of enticement, one count of attempted sodomy and one count of sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy, said Montgomery Police Chief Arthur Baylor.

All the children are students at Capitol Heights Junior High School, 116 Federal Drive. The school serves students between 7th and 9th grades.

Doss is being held at the Montgomery County Detention Facility on a $110,000 bond, Baylor said.

An investigation by the police department's Internal Affairs and Juvenile divisions yielded Doss as a suspect, Baylor said.

More charges and victims are "probably" forthcoming, said Montgomery Police Capt. Huey Thornton.

Baylor said an investigation began when Capitol Heights principal Lorenza Pharrams alerted officers to the allegations against Doss, who was brought in for questioning Wednesday at about 3 p.m.

Almost eight hours later, Doss resigned from the police department, gave a "slight confession" and was arrested, Baylor said.

Maj. Terry Reid of the police department's Juvenile Division said most officers on the School Enforcement bureau request to be placed on there

In cases of potential sexual abuse at the school, Doss would be the initial investigator into such an incident, Reid said.

So, he got to investigate himself for molesting school kids? How convenient! Seeing as his career as an SRO is a long one I'd say there will be MANY more people who come forward.

From the Montgomery Advertiser

A Montgomery police officer, who is the subject of an investigation involving inappropriate activity with a juvenile, has quit the department .

Montgomery Police Chief Arthur Baylor issued a statement late Wednesday that said Cpl. Billy Doss resigned from the department. Doss was assigned to the School Security Bureau.

"I directed the juvenile division commander and the internal affairs commander to immediately initiate criminal and internal investigations of Cpl. Doss," Baylor said in a statement sent to the Montgomery Advertiser via e-mail.

Baylor said the case was initiated after he learned from the principal at Capitol Heights Junior High School that Doss was "possibly involved in inappropriate and criminal activity of a sexual nature with two students."

Baylor will hold a news conference at 10 a.m. today at police headquarters to offer additional information on the criminal investigation, according to the statement.

Sick bastard!! You'd think police departments would conduct thorough background checks on these assholes they assign to be shepherds over our children. I remember when I went out to the school my kids attend last year on open house night, the first thing you saw when entering the grounds was a police cruiser with a K9 in the back. As I was walking down the hall with my kids I saw the DARE/SRO officer surrounded by a group of young, tender teenage girls just showering them with attention. The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

I think we should get all cops out of schools and only call them when there is a problem that requires their attention. Cops are not teachers and apparently they cannot be trusted not to screw young girls when no one is looking!! And....iof we must have full-time cops in schools could we at least neuter the bastards first?


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Amanda Harrell said...

hey, i'm for neutering ALL males first, lol. ;~P

that's pretty insane. i opened your bulletin and saw the hyperlink and was all like "WTF??!?"

holy crap man, and he isn't even the slightest bit attractive. those poor girls...

Amanda Harrell