Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Practice Safe Sex

It is truly amazing how many people do not practice safe sex in this age of STD's that can kill you. So today I thought I would remind people how important it is to use condoms if you are going to engage in casual sex. I know men and women alike hate condoms. In the past they were uncomfortable, made sex less pleasureable, blah, blah, blah. But, gone are the days of your regular run of the mill condoms. Today we have condoms that vibrate, condoms that glow in the dark and even female condoms and a whole lot more.

Be sure when using condoms that you apply plenty of the right kind of lubricant. Lubricant use helps to avoid irritation and also enhances pleasure.

Here is a just a sample listing of condoms offered at Undercover Condoms

Trojan Condoms
Durex Condoms
Okamoto Condoms
Lifestyles Condoms
Beyond Seven
Contempo Condoms
Crown Condoms
Elexa Products
Hot Rod Condoms
Inspiral Condoms
Kimono Condoms
Night Light Condoms
Pleasure Plus
Trustex Condoms

Here is a listing of lubricants available at Undercover Condoms

The Pleasuring
Personal Lubricants
Contraceptive Foams
Condom Accessories
Contraceptive Gels
Contraceptive Inserts
Astroglide Lubes
Durex Play Lubes
Eros Lubes
Sliquid Lubes
Wet Brand Lubes
Desensitizing Lubes
Flavored Lubricants
Silicone Based Lubes
Warming Lubricants
Water Based Lubes
Intimate Books

You have no excuse for not practicing safe sex. Please visit Undercover Condoms today!!

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