Friday, February 16, 2007

AL Court Upholds Ban on Sex Toys

Appeals court upholds Alabama's ban on sale of sex toys

Associated Press Writer
Montgomery Advertiser

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- A federal appeals court issued a Valentine's Day ruling upholding an Alabama law banning the sale of sex toys. But the devices won't disappear from store shelves immediately.

WHEW!! That's good to know!

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Alabama's sex toy ban is constitutional because "the state's interest in preserving and promoting public morality rovides a rational basis for the challenged statue."

(It' NOT the states job to promote their current brand of morality which includes providing poor boys and girls for the meat grinder in Iraq, imprisioning thousands of non-violent citiznes for ingesting a plant,and illegally taking away voting rights and never returning them to people who have paid their debt to society to name a few)

In 1998, the Alabama Legislature enacted a law that bans the sale of sex toys, but not their possession. Alabama residents may lawfully purchase sex toys out of state for use in Alabama, or use them if the devices have other recognized medical or therapeutic uses. The Alabama law doesn't regulate other items, such as condoms or virility drugs.

Alabama's solicitor general, Kevin Newsom, said he was pleased the 11th Circuit rejected the plaintiffs' argument that public morality was an insufficient basis for the legislation.

"In rejecting that view, which necessarily would have invalidated traditional prohibitions on, for instance, incest, polygamy, and prostitution, the 11th Circuit recognized and reiterated that 'the law is constantly based on notions of morality,'" Newsom said.

(This guy needs to get a grip....a sex toy has nothing to do with incest, polygamy or prostitution. It is the safest sex one can possibly have. Sex toys do not lead to disease, unwwanted pregnancy which sometimes leads to abortion, and have nothing to do with prostitution. Sex toys probably decrease the need for the services of prostitutes, they decrease unwanted preganacy and you can't get a disease from one. What's the problem?)

In previous appeals to the 11th Circuit, Williams and her attorneys had argued that the law was an unconstitutional intrusion into bedrooms, but the 11th Circuit held there was no fundamental right to use sexual devices.

This is all a covert operation by the cucumber growers assocaition to protect their profits :)


Tanya said...

See Loretta what you don't understand is that condoms and virility drugs are things men use for sexual pleasure and there is no moral reason to stop men from enjoying or having sex. But sex toys and dildos are items that women use for sexual pleasure that may exclude men, although I have had many partners that were happy to bring sex toys into the bedroom. It reminds me of the pharmacists that have moral objections to prescribing plan B because it kills a baby. I wonder if those pharmacists refuse to fill Viagra prescriptions? I have never heard of that before.

Such ridiculous bullshit designed to keep women down.

DaveT said...

I can't believe people think we live in a free country.