Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Doggie Blogging

You know what??? I really love my dog. Saul has proven to be an awesome choice for an addition to my family. He has had a pretty good week this week although no major accomplishments to report.

He has a couple of new favorite activities. The first one is sitting in front of the living room window and barking at the cats. He found his barky/growly box this week and has been putting in some serious overtime figuring out how it works. He is so funny....he'll start barking and it turns into a long hound dog sounding bay/growl by the end. Two tom cats were having a posturing match in the back yard yesterday and they kept Saul entertained for 45 minutes. When he gets hyper-excited the hair all over his head and down the center of his back raises up like a porcupine. He looks like an absolute demon killing-machine when he does that. It's long as you aren't what he is barking at. Needless to say if he ever barks at me like that my big ass will climb a tree in a very hasty fashion.

His other new favorite activity is his pet rock. It is one that my husband had in one of the houseplants. Saul discovered it and he absolutely loves it. It's a fairly sizeable chunk of stone that he treats like a ball. He rolls it around on the floor, bats it back and forth, barks at it, pounces on it and buries it under the couch. He wants to pick it up in his mouth but doesn't quite dare because of the size. In a few weeks he should be able to manage it as his growth is off the charts.

There have been a couple of times this week where I had to leave him home with daddy and kids for a little bit. Daddy Nall started this thing where he will let Saul jump up to the window in the back door when I have to leave so he can watch me go. It's so sweet. I'll step out and close the door and dad will raise the window. As soon as it is up this big old fuzzy head with sweet ears jumps up and pokes his nose out. I'll tell him to give me a kiss, which he does, and then he watches me until I am around the corner. When I get back the first thing I see at the door is that big old head waiting for me to come in and pet it. I can say without doubt that this dog loves his mama and he suffers serious seperation anxiety when I am not here. And yes I have spoiled him rotten!!

I haven't taken him back to the vet to be weighed again but I'd put his weight at around 85 to 90 pounds. Solid muscle, teeth and claws. I do need to take him back to the vet though because he has this worriesome rash where his forelegs meet his body. He also has it under his coat on his back and he scratches all the time. I am hoping it is nothing serious but from some of the things I have read it could be serious.

Yesterday we lost his leash. I have looked everywhere for it and had no luck. I think Saul has something to do with its disappearance. We came in from a walk and a cat jumped in the door with us. That of course sent puppy into wild fits and I had to drag him to his crate with the leash on until I could get the offending feline out of his territory. I went back and let him out of his crate and took off his leash and I haven't seen it since. I think I must have laid it down somewhere low where he could get it and he took it and hid it. I had to use a belt last night as a leash and that didn't work out too well for a couple of reasons. The belt is short and diminishes my control over him. When he decides to dart after a cat he drags me along. It is also too short for him to get a comfy distance from me when going to the bathroom. We've managed but I am going to buy a new leash today...and a pinch collar too because I am tired of him going after the cats....and dragging me along.

Saul is also teething these last few weeks. The first two to come out were the long front bottom ones. Sharp as razors. We were outside playing fetch and I noticed blood and a loose tooth. At first I thought he had knocked it loose playing. It came out the next day and then the matching one the day after that. A couple of days later I found one of his large back chompers by his food dish. I'm saving them because they are neat. The ones that replaced them are impressive to say the least. Easily twice the size of their predecessors.

Saul's mouth is something to behold. His whole body is a work of solid engineering and breeding. When you look at him there is no doubt that he is a killing machine. Made for that purpose. He is like the Mercedes of dog breeding. Aerodynamically designed, sleek, muscular and very powerful. He uses his forelegs like arms to move stuff from one place to another. It is such a human thing to do. That mouth though is just like an alligators and he uses it for everything. To pick things up, chew things up, to play and give kisses. I love to watch him chew stuff. I don't know why exactly other than it pleases me to look at him and see his powerful jaws and massive teeth working in unison to render just about anything to shreds.

We have decided not to get him neutered and instead to get him a girlfriend in about a year. I would love to get a litter of puppies from him. His blue coloring is so odd and his temperment so sweet that it would be a shame to not spread his genetics.

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