Thursday, February 15, 2007

Get Paid to Review My Posts

For those of you who are daily readers you will note that I have started paid blogging. I know a lot of people in cyberland consider it unethical to do that, but they are entitled to their opinion. I work in drug policy reform and in order to have an incredibly felxible schedule so that I can be in the Alabama State House or at a press conference on short notice I need to be able to make money. The major funders of the drug policy reform movement have funded what they could of my work and I am using PayPerPost to help me fund even more.

They have just started a new program where I get paid $7.50 every time a reader of this blog signs up and reviews my post on their site. The reviewer is also paid $7.50 for reviewing the post. This is a great way for those of you out there who want to make money, but do not want to write product advertisements, to get into the paid blogging rush. This is also a great way to increase blog traffic and make even more if you are signed up with any pay-per-click advertising companies.

So, if you are a reader, a supporter or a fan of my blog and you'd like to be paid $7.50 each time you review one of my posts on your blog please click the "Get Paid to Review My Post" logo at the end of this post. The money you help me earn will go directly back into the work I do here in Alabama related to drug law reform, prison reform, women's rights, and judicial reform.

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