Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Just a few shots I took yesterday of Saul outside in his new pen. He seems to like having a large place outside to bark at the cats, play with rocks and sticks and participate in the neighborhood barking chain. Soon we are going to build a new chicken pen so he will have some neighbors to keep him entertained.


Anonymous said...

This is to cool. Just sent this to my son in Bahrain(Navy).

Don said...

No doubt Saul will soon show you how easily he can tunnel out of his pen beneath the fencing, and then all cats and chickens beware.

Loretta Nall said...

I worry about him getting out for two reasons.

1. He could get hit and I would be absolutely devastated. He has become a big, happy, part of my life.

2. He could eat someone and that would be real bad. I'd have to have him put down if he did that and would be even more devastated than if he were hit by a car.

We are reinforcing the pen around the bottom. We have been using stakes that drive about 6 inches down all around the bottom of the fence as well as chicken wire all around the bottom.

I never leave him in his pen when I am not here. He goes in his crate in the house for that.