Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I hate them. I am not sure there is anything else in the world related to driving down the road that pisses me off more than to have someone so far up my ass I can taste their tires. GRRRRRR!!!

This morning, as I was taking my husband to work, a white Toyota 4-Runner got behind me on HWY 22 W and I bet there wasn't even an inch between my bumper and their fender. I wasn't driving slow. I was driving the speed limit actually, but this SUV refused to back off and give me any space. When I turned in to the parking lot to drop my husband off he noted that the SUV had a State tag meaning it was a state employee driving.

So, here is a note to State employees....I don't buy you vehicles and purchase gas to go in them with my tax money so that you can be an asshole on the highway and endanger the lives of myself and my family!! Tailgaiting is DANGEROUS! If a deer had jumped out in front of me or someone had pulled out in front of me then we would all very likely be badly injured or dead right now because of some state sanctioned jizz-wad who thinks they can break the fucking law.

I'll be looking for you again tomorrow morning and I will get that pretty little state tag number next time.

Tailgate me again....I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!!!!

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