Thursday, March 29, 2007

Initiative and Referendum Bill...Get on the HORN!!

Dr. I.Q. has just sent me the following.

Representative Randy Hinshaw, the HOR Constitution and Committee (C&E) Chair has advised me that HB263 was assigned to the Constitution Revisions subcommittee, the members of which are:
Jack Page, Chair; Greg Canfield, Vice Chair and Ranking Minority Member; Chad Fincher, James Gordon, Ken Guin

I urge all constituents of these members to contact them and urge them to recommend that the C&E approve HB263 so it may be approved and scheduled for open debate on the floor of the House of Representatives.

I request that you forward this to as many Alabama voters as you can so that as many constituents of these legislators as possible will contact them.

(NOTE from Loretta) Even if you aren't a constituent you should contact these members and ask them to support this bill and bring it to the house floor for a debate and vote.

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