Friday, April 13, 2007

The Newest members of the Nall Family

I picked them up at the local feed store today when I stopped to get a new shovel, a hoe, lime and strawberry plants. I have been asking for a month when they would get some biddies in. There are 5 Rhode Island Reds and 4 Dominickers.

I used to keep chickens back from 2000-2003 but stopped when my life became consumed by politics. Chickens are great for relaxation and about some of the best therapy that can be had, regardless of what ails you. All 9 of these are hens...or will be hens. Farm fresh eggs...YUMMY!! I'll sell them along with my produce this summer.

I introduced Saul a few minutes ago. He isn't sure what to think, but the new additions sure do excite him! He sticks his nose all up to whichever side the chicks are congregating on and sniffs, and sniffs and sniffs. Then he goes under the house and sticks his nose to their feet. He has lunged a few times and I have corrected harshly every time. I think the pinch collar will be necessary for training him not to go after the birds. Shepherds can be trained to guard/herd chickens, but it is far more difficult than training them to guard/herd goats or sheep or cattle. Mainly because a large animal like a goat/sheep/cow can heal from a harder than necessary nip from a Shepherd...but those same nips can and often do kill chickens.

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