Friday, April 06, 2007

Now That's Funny

News staff writer

An Ensley man was jailed this week and is now nicknamed the "Rocket Scientist" after authorities said he altered and tried to cash a check that had been issued to him by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

Freddie MacCarthur Jones, 35, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of possession of a forged instrument.

Jones was jailed in November after being charged with four counts of probation violation on negotiating a worthless instrument and unlawful breaking and entering of a vehicle. He was released from the jail on bond Feb. 22.

When he posted bond, he had 44 cents left in his inmate account and was given a check for that amount, sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Randy Christian said.

The check was altered to read $400, and an attempt to cash it was made. A clerk realized it had been altered, notified authorities and later identified Jones as the culprit. He was sent back to jail Tuesday on a $10,000 bond.

"It's pretty obvious we aren't dealing with the smartest guy in the world here," Christian said. "The fact that he thought altering a sheriff's office check was a good idea says a great deal about the intelligence level. I don't think he can make it as a thief."

The poor, dumb, bastard. I feel kinda sorry for him. He probably won't do any better in prison than he did as a thief. Sure did get a good giggle out of this story though. "Hey Y'all Wach-iss"

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-Sepp said...

LOL, what a dumbass! But, don't think that you guys have the best candidate for dumbass of the year! Here in Toledo, our mayor (who is in a class of dumbass all to himself) hired a friend of his who has had...get this...19 DUI' drive a city vehicle around. So, as you can guess, this clown celebrated his new job by getting trashed before work and got his 20th DUI while driving a city vehicle!